NYC Bar / bites & beats

Ramona's bar and clubhouse - come by for a nice bite and a cocktail. Hang out at the bar, chat at the table, sunbathe on the terrace or dance until late - the beer and wine are always cold. See you soon!

Ramona steals your heart ;)


Quiz night

Is your general knowledge outstanding? Or are you not exactly the quiz type, but simply a lot of fun? Then Ramona is the place to be. Miss Antonia is asking the best questions and gives you a great night every second and last week of the month.

Have some bites and snacks beforehand? No problem. Come join us! Make a reservation and register you and your team of max. 4 persons for the night! Oh, and be on time. We start at exactly 20.30!  ♡

Ramona x Rotisserie

This summer, we are also serving the menu of our neighbor, Rotisserie. One of the best guilty pleasure bars in town. Known for its juicy chicken, smash burgers and turbo cheese fries, Rotisserie is where it’s at. While hardly healthy, Rotisserie takes the junk out of “junk food” by using the finest quality ingredients and making everything - yes, even the sauces, pickles and buns - from scratch.